Color Wow / Wilton, CT

I joined the  Color Wow team at Federici Brands LLC, as an intern for the Social Media Manager in the creative department. During my seven months with Color Wow I experienced what truly goes behind running a social media platform with over 50K followers entails. I had the opportunity to go out and take photos with their products that inspired me and helped promote the brand. My internship site instructor and I would meet and create a "story board" of all the planned posts, as well as look back at the best performing content and focus on how to continue the success in the future. During this time I also assisted in-house product/model photoshoots, managed on-line contests, also community and thought leadership outreach to industry influencers for content development and promotion. My most valuable experience gained at Federici Brands LLC was after the "Dream Coat" was featured on the Today Show's segment "Hodas Favorite Things" and sold over 10,000 in a matter of minutes. The team needed all hands on deck to prepare the shipment of these products in a timely and efficient matter. Seeing how the team handled a highly stressful task in an organized and professional way is one of my most valuable lessons learned. It also showed me the massive effect Public Relations has on a company. Hola simply chose the product because her hairstylist uses it on her and she uses it in her hair even off set. With her celebrity status her word-of-mouth is valuable to her fans, and a great way to increase sales, cost free. As I start my professional career, I know I will use my knowledge in social media, marketing, and public relations gained during my time at Federici Brands LLC.