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Freehand Graphics, Inc. / Holbrook, NY

Social Media had not previously been a part of this three decade old design and software development company. My position was to establish then grow a social media presence to support their brands. Instagram and Facebook accounts were created. Using photography and stock imagery manipulated in Adobe Photoshop® along with written content developed through a process of interviews with the executive team - over 90 posts were delivered. The content announced contests, provided technical information, delivered coupons and showcased the features of its two main software for screen-printers and its six brands in their inkjet product line.


From just a few followers to thousands of targeted industry buyers, Freehand now has a solid social media platform to build on. Since then it has become an integral part of the companies marketing strategy, proof that you can enter into and benefit from social media participation even late in the game. Freehand learned that creating content and being relevant requires a dedicated social media marketer. It has since hired a video production professional and along with other team members they regularly produce effective content.

In addition to social media development, I produced several press releases for screen-print industry publications and collaborated with the Director of Sales on an article for a trade publication. Taking just an Adobe InDesign® course at Sacred Heart, it was at Freehand that I started using Photoshop®. I discovered an interest in the creative aspect of Marketing and subsequently began exploring photography and took a Photojournalism class at SHU.

This internship was an immersion in the creative process. Working directly with the Design and Marketing director my opportunity to use software, take photos, and manipulate stock images was great. With nearly a hundred posts and written content complete, I have provided below just a few of the pieces.

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